Power of Light Training | 2nd Year - Part 1 / 5 days


Vedanta Aspioti

This is Part I of the second year training and takes place in Den Haag. The 2nd year consists of 13 days of training and practice as an assistant in the Basic First Year Training. It includes a powerful self-transformation process as well as teaching of how to give sessions.


  • Working from presence
  • Transference, counter-transference
  • Deepening into the energy work and grounding work
  • Profound exploration of the 2nd and 3rd chakras
  • The professional channeling session and other sessions
  • Personal process
  • Essence work, the ego structure and its application on the therapeutic setting
  • Elements of shock and trauma work
  • The art of transmission


Vedanta Aspioti (1965) is currently leading the Power of Light Institute in Athens and the Diamond Logos* Academy in Greece. She specialized the last 25 years in childhood work, couple work and Essence work and is training psychotherapists. She is a trained body oriented psychotherapist and has published several psychological studies. 

Interview with Vedanta on You Tube.

*A pathway leading us to the Essence of the Soul