Osho in woord en beeld

"To know the world is nothing
when it is compared to knowing
your inner mystery of life."


"So let me tell you one thing.
You are afraid of life because
you are afraid of death.

And I would like to teach you
how to die so that you lose all fear of death. The moment you lose the fear of death
you become capable of living."


"Every meditation
is nothing but the search
for the empty mirror,
which reflects but remains utterly empty.
Rejoice in this emptiness
and roses will start appearing."


 "Just be, and watch.

Being is not doing
and watching is also not doing."

"A watcher has no prejudice,
he has no judgment.
He simply sees like a mirror.

When you bring something in front of a mirror
it reflects, simply reflects.

There is no judgment
that the man is ugly,
that the man is beautiful,
that, Aha! What a good nose you have got. The mirror has nothing to say.
Its nature is to mirror;
it mirrors.

This is what I call meditation:
you simply mirror everything
within or without."


"This is the whole secret
of enlightenment: it happens in relaxation,
it happens in a deep state of rest."
"When you become enlightened,
you don't become a new person.

In fact
you don't gain anything,
you lose something:
you lose your chains,
you lose your bondage,
you lose your misery,
you go on losing ~
enlightenment is a proces of losing.
When there is nothing left to lose,
there is nirvana.

That state of utter silence
can be called enlightenment." 


is the ultimate flowering
of consciousness."

"Only compassion
is therapeutic - because all that is ill
in man is because of lack of love.

All that is wrong with man
is somewhere associated with love.

He has not been able to love,
or he has not been able to receive love.
He has not been able to share his being.

That's the misery.
That creates all sorts of
complexes inside."


 "Your life
should reach to others.

Your blissfulness,
your benediction, your ecstasy
should not be contained
within you like a seed.

It should open like a flower
and spread its fragrance
to all and sundry - not only to the friends
but to the strangers too.

This is real compassion,
this is real love:
sharing your enlightenment,
sharing your dance
of the beyond."


"Be a Zorba the Buddha."

"Half of humanity
has been accepting the inner world
but denying the outer world.

The other half of humanity
has been accepting the material world
and denying the inner world.

Both are half,
and no man who is half
can be contented.

You have to be whole:
rich in the body, rich in science;
rich in meditation,
rich in consciousness.

Only a whole person is a holy person,
according to me."


"When you leave the world,
leave the world a little bit better than you found it
- and you have lived rightly."


"I would simply like 
to be forgiven and forgotten. 

There is no need to remember me.
The need is to remember yourself!

People have remembered 
Gautam Buddha and Jesus Christ 
and Confucius and Krishna.
That does not help.

So what I would like: 
forget me completely, and forgive me too - because 
it will be difficult to forget me. 
That's why I'm asking you 
to forgive me for giving you the trouble.

Remember yourself."


 "This self-remembering ~

Buddha calls it
sammasati - right mindfulness
Krishnamurti calls it
choiceless awareness,
the Upanishads call it
but they all mean the same."

"These are different words
for the same quality -
the quality of being
attentive, alert, awake."

© Quotes & foto's van Osho