The Pink Love Essence - weekend


Vedanta Aspioti

€ 325 | 10% discount with a deposit of € 100 paid by Oct.2nd.

Info and registration:

Vedanta at or +30 6947954447 or Tarangita at +31(0)647609150.


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Individual session

Essence experienced through the heart radiates through the prism of Love, becoming Essential Love Dimensions, Personal and Impersonal Loves. Pink Love is transmitted to the baby through the unconditional, total and caring presence and attitude of the mother and through the environment surrounding the baby. The Pink Love has an unconditional presence. It is compassionate. When we have received and internalized this kind of love in our childhood, we have a fundamental building block for the good traits of our character. We are able to learn compassion, humanity, true appreciation for Being, expansiveness and others.