Intone a Sound

a tantric meditation by Veet Marco

Medition from Osho: The Book of Secrets, sutra 39. A chanting meditation in 4 stages to enter from sound to soundlessness.

First stage

  • 10 minutes
  • Sitting comfortable.
  • Start to chant AUM so that you can hear yourself clearly.

Second stage

  • 10 minuten
  • Still chanting, but less loudly, feel the sound vibrating through your whole body.

Third stage

  • 10 minuten
  • Intoning the sound with the lips closed, so that only you can hear yourself, feel the sweetness of the sound.

Fourth stage

  • Slowly, slowly, more subtly, more subtly, until the sound fades into soundlessness.
  • Bathe in the inner silence until the sound of the gong.

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