The Essential Protector | Part 1 - weekend


Vedanta Aspioti

Dear Friends,

We invite you to this retreat in which we will explore the Essential vehicle of the Kaaba, the Great Protector of our Being. 

The Essential vehicle of the Great Protector is located in our pelvis. It gives us the sense of protection, of privacy and sacredness. It provides the necessary safety and security so we can expand and thrive in our True Nature. It purifies our instincts from the distortions of our conditioning so that they can stay in alignment and in congruence with life, with a positive direction and in accordance with the ethical code of Essence.

The absence of this vehicle puts us in danger and leaves us vulnerable to attack from negative forces that exist outside of us and within us. Then, the inner saboteur, an extremely self-destructive force within us and a product of all hurts, abuse and conditioning, rules us. We cannot establish clear boundaries and this opens the door to further abuse, leading to fundamental disorientation, fragmentation, inner chaos and disease. The Great Protector is one of the Grand Vehicles of our Essential structure. It safeguards our Being, so we can live in our body in full dignity and with respect for the Sacred.

In this retreat, we will inquire into the psychological issues surrounding our disconnection from this organ of our Soul and how these issues are expressed in our structure, our body and in our lives. The Kaaba is the compass which points us in the right direction and is the healthy instinctual foundation upon which we can develop our Essential conscience, a conscience which is in tune with the ethical code of what it means to be Human.