The Golden Love Essence - weekend


Vedanta Aspioti

Info and registration:

Vedanta at or +30 6947954447 or Tarangita at +31(0)647609150.


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Individual session

Essence experienced through the heart radiates through the prism of Love, becoming Essential Love Dimensions, Personal and Impersonal Loves. 

The Golden Essence paves the road in our system for every other Essence to appear and circulate within us. The Gold is the very first Essence that arises in the system of the baby at the beginning of its life and is like liquid gold, bringing with it sweetness, delicateness, melting and union. This state of union is what we call merging between the mother and child. The Gold gives us the capacity of merging with another, to the degree that we can feel someone as if we are inside him or her. Other properties of the Golden Essence are softness, the capacity to surrender, empathy, self-regulation, preciousness and the sense of self-worth.  If we are without this basic sweetness, this capacity to stay soft and open, no other Essence can inhabit our system.