a tantric meditation by Veet Marco

From the sex chakra to the crown chakra, passing through the hara, the heart and the third eye. A journey into dance, remembering that we are the wit-ness to all these different energies.

Sex Chakra

Dance this chakra playfully, flirting with others enjoy being seductive, loose and natural. See how joyous this energy can be when you are playfull with it


Dance the hara on your own. Feel how grounding this energy is. When you are in your hara you don't need the other. You are centered in yourself. Rooted in the earth.

Heart Chakra

Dance the heart, sharing this energy with others and see that the more you share the more it grows. Share it with people, with the trees, with the stars, share .....

Third Eye

Dance on your own. When you are in this center you can see your inner splendour, your inner light. You can simply see inside. Express your inner beauty in dance.

Crown Chakra

When you are in this center you are one with everything and everyone. You realize your buddha-nature and in seeing it within yourself you can see it in others. When you meet each other simply 'namaste' the buddha that lives within everyone.

You are no more. Only existence is.

After each dance take a few moments with closed eyes to feel each chakra, and remember that you are the witness of all these different energies.

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