Sannyas Celebration


Sat 18/01 20:30 to 21:30

Meer info over sannyas op de website van de Vrienden van Osho

Aanmelden voor het 'nemen' van sannyas:

Mail of bel 070 3460023 

“Sannyas simply means they have accepted a way of meditation and a life of joy and rejoicing. It is accepting to create your life into a blissfulness. So sannyas is a totally different thing. Sannyasins will continue. I have dropped all outer symbols of sannyasins. If they want to keep them, it is up to them. From my side I have dropped. They don't need any mala. They don't need red clothes. All that I would like... My advice to them, that if you are a sannyasin, that meditation is the only essential thing that you should carry.”   Osho

"Even if I leave the body I am not going to leave my sannyasins. I will be as much available as I am right now. But the only thing to remember is - are you available to me? I am available to you, and I will remain as available forever. If you are available to me, then a link exists. And with my sannyasins I am individually linked. It is not a question that you belong to an organization, it is not an organization at all. It is a personal relationship, it is a love affair. If you are open to me, even if this body disappears, it is not going to make any difference. I will be available to you."   Osho

"And a religious person is nonsectarian. He is simply religious -- not Christian, not Hindu. He cannot afford to be Hindu or Christian. How can he afford to be so limited? He cannot afford to get involved in prejudices; he cannot believe in conclusions already arrived at by others. He is on his own journey: he wants to know truth with his own eyes, he wants to hear God with his own ears, he wants to feel life and existence with his own heart. His search is individual. Sannyasins are not part of a sect. This is the meeting of individuals; we have met because we are on the same journey. There is no ideology binding my sannyasins with each other; it is just because of the same inquiry for truth that accidentally we have met on the same road. We are fellow-travelers. Nothing binds one sannyasin to another sannyasin; there is no bondage of belief, tradition, scripture."  Osho